in Northern Iraq


ASB has been intermittently active in Northern Iraq since 1991 and has implemented large-scale projects for refugees and the civilian population. In the years up to 1999, ASB also ran the German liaison office for northern Iraq on behalf of the German Foreign Ministry. In 2012, ASB was active in the refugee camp Domiz supporting with basic medical care for Syrian refugees. The cooperation with the Directorate of Health (DoH) and the regional government has worked so well over the years that the DoH as well as the Kurdish Regional Government (KRI) asked ASB for help with the current refugee crisis. ASB had therefore a consistent presence with an office in Duhok, Northern Iraq, supporting refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP’s), since summer 2014.

ASB expanded its presence to all governorates of Iraq, in 2017, opening one office in Baghdad and one in Anbar. ASB thus increased the portfolio of its programs to effectively satisfy the immediate needs of thousands of beneficiaries while responding to the developmental plan of the country. The projects which were recently implemented by ASB in Iraq in the sectors health, WASH, protection and livelihood for IDPs, refugees and host communities, are valued at € 13 million.


ASB’s donor-funded projects in Iraq up to date include the following:

  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of more than 2,000 homes, 40 schools and 20 health centers in the regions Erbil and Dohuk and reconstruction of a school for deaf children in Dohuk;
  • Distribution of seeds and agricultural inputs to returning refugees, distribution of animals for agriculture as well as supporting the agricultural faculty of the University of Dohuk;
  • Construction of approximately 600 kilometers of roads, including the so-called Barzan Road (76 km of main road connecting villages in the northern Iraqi mountains);
  • Winterization for more than 220,000 people in IDP and refugee camps in the KRI;
  • Construction of modern water supply systems: water pipes connecting the water source with villages and distribution points in village centers;
  • Basic medical care by the ASB-FAST;
  • Distribution of winterkits to IDPs in Berseve 1 and Darkar camps;
  • Hygiene training for IDPs in Berseve 1 camp;
  • Construction, equipping and operation of a primary health care center in the Berseve 1 IDP camp;
  • Construction, equipping and operation of two community centers in Berseve 1 and 2 IDP camps;
  • Rehabilitation, equipping, operation of a primary health care center in Qayyara, Ninewa governorate;
  • Construction and operation of Child and Youth Friendly Spaces in the refugee camps Gawilan and Domiz;
  • Improved access to health services in Heet, Anbar governorate, financed by BMZ;
  • Strengthening resilience and support for irrigated agriculture in Talafar and Sinjar Districts, Ninewa govenorate, financed by BMZ, project partner Harikar. Currently ongoing;
  • Improved livelihoods, resilience and economic empowerment in Sinjar districts, Ninewa govenorate, financed by BMZ, project partner Yazda. Currently ongoing;
  • Improvement of the health care system in underserved regions of Anbar governorate, Sub-distrіcts Haditha, Ana, Rutba, Rawa, financed by BMZ. Currently ongoing.